On Fridays right here, authors talk about their books, their process, where they’ve been, and where they’re going. Today KIM CARMICHAEL joins us to celebrate the success of TYPECAST, a HOLLYWOOD STARDUST novel that won a Kindle Press contract through Kindle Scout. TYPECAST has attracted over 50 favorable reviews in the short time since its launch.


What’s your fantasy?

Twenty years ago, the movie Hollywood Stardust defined a generation of teens and changed the four actors’ lives forever. Typecast as the villain, both in front and behind the silver screen, Logan Alexander has purposely allowed his star to fade. Now with the 20th Anniversary of the movie on the horizon, he is the only one fit to step into the spotlight, deal with the unwanted publicity, and make sure that things meant to be left on the cutting room floor remain there. Ivy Vermont has always longed to be a leading lady, yet her paralyzing stage fright has relegated her to stay behind the scenes as a fact checker for Chargge.com’s entertainment webcasts. However, when her one-time poster-boy crush walks in to the studio demanding only she be in charge of his story, she knows she must take advantage of her big break. Now, Logan tightropes between old loyalties and new love, while Ivy struggles to stay in reality with her ultimate fantasy.

  • Your novel did well on Kindle Scout and won a contract with Kindle Press. How easy or difficult was your campaign and how have you enjoyed the process of publication since?

I am a control freak and anxious by nature, so the campaign was stressful. I’m thankful that when I did it, they didn’t have all the statistics; you were either hot and trending, or you weren’t. I think now it would be worse because I’d be looking at every number. TYPECAST was my second entry into the Kindle Scout program; the first one didn’t make it. I think I was expecting to lose again, so winning was a pleasant surprise. Kindle Press has been amazing and so easy to work with, much easier than the campaign. I suffer a bit from being a control freak, but they were so cool about answering all my questions. Everyone was so professional.

  • Can you tell us what motivated your choice of setting and subject matter? How do you relate to both personally?

I am a Los Angeles girl, grew up on the fringes of the movie industry. I really wanted to take some of the movies we knew and loved as teenagers and explore what happens to actors 20 years later. I know we all have our fantasies about what its like to be “one of them.”

  • What did this book teach you about yourself as a writer?

First and foremost, I can give up control of my baby and live LOL. Second, I can write a flashback. Third, I can grow with every book and should grow with every book. Lastly, I can add a scene even after the book is ready to go to the proofreader (though I wasn’t happy as any writer will tell you). (Before submission to Kindle Scout my editor made me add a scene).

  • Can you describe your journey to publication prior to Kindle Scout: the torment and elation, the times none of it made any sense, the moments when it all came together?

Ok, I’m going to be completely honest here. I had submitted to Kindle Scout before with ON THE DOTTED LINE and lost, but the book did really well. When it came time for TYPECAST, I thought the same thing would happen and tried to look at it as publicity for the book. I was honestly shocked when it won. Still, in the back of my mind when I was campaigning for the book, I did want to win. Then the Kindle Press team had something funky going on with my email, and I didn’t get the notification that I’d won until later than I should have. The anxiety during that time was incredible. As I said, I’m a control freak. The hardest part thus far has been stepping back and letting the publisher do what’s needed and realizing I don’t have control. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get over it.

  • What inspires you to write, and where do you look for motivation?  

I usually get a spark on a character and that’s what motivates me.  Things from my life and my work I find interesting.

  • You get to the end of your life, and there to escort you through the tunnel to the light beyond and show you around is a philosopher / author / artist / scientist / celebrity you’ve always revered. Who is it, and why him/her?

Darn, I was hoping I could say one of my characters (wouldn’t that be cool!).  I’m going to say Carl Sagan because the man was brilliant, and just being able to talk to him would be incredible. I also think he would have the inside track on the afterlife. Him or VC Andrews. VC only because really, wouldn’t you love to know if the story was true?

  • Tell us about your other books, past or in the pipeline.

Well, as of today (10/23) the second book in the series has been released, LIMELIGHT, which is Drew and Erin’s story.  Idolized is in production now (lol).  There is also a companion series called Hollywood Stardust Supporting Roles that covers the lives of the secondary characters.  The first of that series – GISELLE & WILSON – is free on Amazon.  All the books are stand alone, have their own central couple and can be read in any order.  I will also be writing out the movies covered in the books as stories but that is a bit further out in the future.



Limelight Cover Green copy copy

Worth The Wait…

Twenty years ago, Drew Fulton was made famous in the genre-changing movie, Hollywood Stardust, and fell in love with his costar, Erin Holland. Left heartbroken and fed up, he played his ultimate role and walked away from his life, taking on an entirely new persona. Now he wants everything back, from his place in the limelight to the love that made him leave. He only needs to make sure he can leave the past in the past.

Known as the spoiled, has-been star of Hollywood, Erin Holland has spent the last two decades pining away for the one love she cannot have. Blindsided when Drew Fulton appears in her life as mysteriously as he disappeared, she is torn between acting on her heart and using Drew’s reappearance to relight her star.

Together for the first time in twenty years, their true passion consumes them, but the sparks of old wounds still threaten to burn out of control before they can decide if their love was worth waiting for.

Limelight is a Hollywood Stardust novel.

All books are stand alone, no cliff hangers, with their own central couple. They can be read in any order.


kim-2bwKim Carmichael began writing ten years ago when her love of happy endings inspired her to create her own. A Southern California native, Kim’s contemporary romance combines Hollywood magic with pop culture to create quirky characters set against some of most unique and colorful settings in the world. With a weakness for designer purses, bad boys and techno geeks, Kim married her own computer whiz after he proved he could keep her all her gadgets running and finally admitted handbags were an investment. Kim is a PAN member of the Romance Writers of America, as well as some small specialty chapters. A multi-published author, Kim’s books are available all over the world. When not writing, she can usually be found slathered in sunscreen trolling Los Angeles and helping top doctors build their practices.

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