Book Review: Grave of Hummingbirds

The Behrg’s review of ‘Grave of Hummingbirds’ is something to share and treasure. He’s a powerful writer whose work leaves visceral traces on a reader’s psyche.

The Behrg Writes

Just finished Jennifer Skutelsky’s latest novel, Grave of Hummingbirds. This novel was initially selected by Kindle Press through their Kindle Scout program, then brought to the attention of Little A, Amazon’s literary fiction imprint, which ultimatley acquired the title. The novel was then released as part of Amazon’s Kindle First program, where Prime members can receive a book for free a month prior to its release.

It’s been exciting following Jennifer’s journey and seeing her much deserved success. Just as exciting to finally finish her book, as it’s a novel unlike I’ve read before.

GraveGrave of Hummingbirds is like entering a fever dream where you’re never sure if you’re fully awake or asleep, where one moment moves with fluidity to the next, where dreams and reality collide. Add to it Skutelsky’s haunting prose set amidst a small village in the Andes, with its unfamiliar settings, landscape, and heritage, and you…

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