The Curious Case of Hybrid Authors and the Need for Speed

This is an interesting post by Ania Ahlborn. I’m not a fast writer; it takes time for me to develop characters and detail, to climb out of plot holes and then, when I’m done, to ponder some of the decisions I’ve made. It can take years, certainly months. I feel better about that now.


Ania Ahlborn | The Blog

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about the self-publishing market, it’s slow but unmistakable deterioration, and how author-publishers should approach the problem of a dwindling capacity to get their work in front of readers rather than having their stories sink to the bottom of the self-published slush pile. I posted my own take on this issue in February, and it gave birth to some great discussion. One of my main points in that blog post was that many author-publishers are too eager to push work out to the public without taking the necessary steps to produce their best work. Obviously, this boils down to editing–a process that, at times, takes as long or longer to do properly than it did to write the first draft.

The fact that editing is such an in-depth process when done properly is, I’m sure, one of the reasons why writers are tempted to…

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