Writers Reach: M.R. Pritchard with ‘Let Her Go’

On Fridays right here, writers talk about their books, their process, where they’ve been, and where they’re going. Today M.R. Pritchard joins us to celebrate the launch of her novel, LET HER GOa Kindle Scout winner published by Kindle Press.

Let Her Go

A second chance at love is a fight to the very end.

Guys like Alex Sullivan don’t come around every day, but when they do, they aren’t looking for girls like Morgan. She is the unexpected one, the unplanned daughter of parents who don’t want her; she has always stood in the shadow of her beautiful-but-dead twin sister. So when Morgan lands a marriage proposal from the handsome businessman, she pounces on the opportunity.

While Morgan is basking in the joy of feeling wanted for once, Alex’s untimely death sends her life into a downward spiral, and she’s left picking up the pieces while the tabloids, pesky neighbors, and an eight-point buck haunt her.

The only thing keeping Morgan grounded is her new found love of running. And then there’s her newly acquired business partner, stoic MMA fighter Nick “The Strangler” Stacks. Morgan and Nick have never been able to get along, but Alex’s tragic death forces them to interact when he leaves the two as owners of his successful gym.

After years of tepid interactions, Morgan and Nick finally find that they have more in common than they previously thought, and it’s enough to make one of them want to tap out on their disastrous relationship for good.

  1. What were the most challenging aspects of writing this book, and what came easily?
LET HER GO was a book that I had wanted to write for a long long time. For close to a year I thought about the main character, Meg, and all I was going to put her through. When I started writing I already had about two pages of notes/scenes written and I just had to put it all together. As a result, LET HER GO was one of the fastest books I’ve ever written. I think I had it done in about eight weeks, and then I spent a few more weeks perfecting it and analyzing beta-reader feedback. The most challenging part was not going full-blown sci-fi/fantasy with the book since that’s what I primarily write. I did sneak a little bit in though, in the form of reincarnation that hints on magical realism. Since Meg deals with loss in this book, she spends some time evaluating her faith and the beliefs of the people in her life.

  1. Tell us about your main characters and what drives them.

In LET HER GO, Meg is a bit of a sad soul. She has a severe case of low self-esteem that stems from standing in the shadows of her twin sister and handsome husband. After losing both, Meg does a little soul searching; she’s driven to figure out who she is and gains her confidence along the way. Nick is driven by a mistake he made as a teenager. There was a moment when he should have intervened but didn’t. Now he’s a fighter who sees each match as a moment to atone for his wrongs.

  1. Can you describe your journey to publication: the torment and elation, the times none of it made any sense, the moments when it all came together?

Oh man, there’s so much torment, so little elation, and still, I feel like nothing makes sense at all, ever.

I started out as a self-published author and there was a lot of learning and still more as algorithms and reader preferences change. I’ve always written what I loved and have had a hard time finding a home for it. I’ve queried agents with each book and have amassed an inbox full of rejection letters with each one. Afterwards I continued on to self-pub each one and found readers who love my books. But everything came together when I won the Kindle Scout campaign. Life as a writer is filled with self-doubt and confidence struggles, but after getting the congratulations email from Kindle Scout I finally felt like I was doing something right. And then, after winning the Kindle Scout campaign, I was introduced to this amazing group of authors. After navigating the publication landscape alone for so long, it was really great to connect with real people who care. Aspiring authors should look for fellow writers that they can really connect with because there is a lot of negativity, bullying, and meanness out there on the internet. I finally feel like I’ve found a group of authors who are supportive and as driven as me, and I almost think that’s better than winning the Scout campaign.

  1. You get to the end of your life, and there to escort you through the tunnel to the light beyond and show you around is a philosopher / author / artist / scientist / celebrity you’ve always revered. Who is it, and why him/her?

Gosh, that’s deep. You know what, I can’t even think of one. I have this belief that people in the spotlight never truly reveal who they really are. There’s always a front; you’re never going to really know that person. I love the arts and I love the sciences, but with something as intimate as death I’d want to see real people who impacted my life and showed me love. I would want to see someone who altered my life on a deep personal level. If my husband passes before I do, I’d want to see him escort me through the tunnel. We married young and we’ve gone through so much together. He’s always been supportive of me and my dreams. If I go first, I think I’d like to have my great-grandmother there. She died when I was a kid but the memories I have of her are good ones; she was this little old lady who lived alone in the Adirondacks. She was always caring and attentive and told great stories about the Great Depression.

  1. Tell us about your other books, past or in the pipeline.
I try to keep my upcoming books secret but I will say that I’m working on a novella that’s set in another author’s Kindle World. I’m also working on a post-apocalyptic novel and I have two novels similar to LET HER GO planned.



M.R. Pritchard is a lifelong inhabitant of upstate NY. She lives near the shores of Lake Ontario where she spends her days reading and writing and watching the snow fall. When she is not writing she is a NICU Nurse, wife, mother, gardener, aquarist, book hoarder and science geek. She holds degrees in Biochemistry and Nursing. M.R. Pritchard likes books, coffee, and rum. 

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